Makcik-makcik Koporat

Saved by my old name card, we managed to gain entrance to today’s session of MIHAS which was still meant for businesses and traders. It would only be opened to the public tomorrow and Sunday but we whacked it, as I am always busy on weekend. So there we were, myself and L.H spending half our Friday at the world’s biggest halal trade fair.

Image taken from here.

I was very impressed with the whole expo management. Things were efficiently done and the booths were well located and arranged. Halal businesses big and small from Malaysia and the world over made their presence known. Food and product sampling aplenty. I was literally like a kid in a candy store. So many interesting things I never even knew existed was out for sampling like pegaga facial cream and other herbs made into teas, lotion, cream and soaps and what nots. I got full just walking from one booth to another sampling food. It is very heartwarming to see kampung products and other cottage industries, especially those run by womenfolks getting international recognition and demands.

Many international halal brands were there too, especially meat products from America and Australia/NZ, halal certified Belgian chocolates etc. There were booths by women who are especially good in cooking and are supported by MATRADE under the Usahawan Wanita scheme. Many lady business owners were there to share their experiences with us their success stories from just homemakers who got their talents into the next level by going into this scheme and became really successful doing things they like to do.

It’s really nice to see Malaysian womenfolk not having to waste time and money lighting up fires and burning their bras to make their mark as able members of the society. They were smart enough to go to MATRADE, join the scheme and let their talents and products known. Hence, that’s why I bought so much from the expo today. ( ho ho )– to support them. 😛

Errm, Is that a good enough reason to explain the 5 bags full of shopping I came back home with, to the husband ?


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