Meine Samstag

They’ve finally opened near our place. It was full to the brim. The novelty of eating in a Forest Gump themed cafe is still going strong so we gave it a pass. We live 5 minutes drive from it so we have plenty of time to try it out. And yes, it will be one of our target restaurants to bring our guests to as well 🙂 ( especially if you are a guest from my hometown ) 😛

Image taken from here.

Borders is having a sale. So thanks to the husband, we came out of it with


I borrowed Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time from a friend. It’s a tale written from the perspective of an autistic child. I found that book amazing, because I’ve watch the movie The Snow Cake where Sigourney Weaver played the autistic adult in Canada and thought to myself, if only an autistic adult can write a book, we will all know how they see things. So naturally, I would want to read the follow up, A Spot of Bother.

Then The Roots of the Malay Left, a UM publication and finally the last one, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy. As for the last book, it’s for my daily decreasing mojo. I need to snap out of it pronto. Like right now…

Each time we go shopping for books, I remember the good old times hanging out here.

A very cosy bookshop that carries all our of Sufistic/Spiritual books and other English traditional Islamic books. A place with nice sofas and tasteful decor that we can just lepak while reading and listening to nice soothing zikr. The owner is on the right, wearing white. The shop is owed by a husband and wife team and alhamdulillah, they are dear friends of ours too. The wife went to the same secondary school as I did and her husband was my husband’s saksi or witness at our nikah.

In fact, now that I think about it, in our courting days, I never get any of those chocolates or flowers or surprises of candlelight dinners and what not. The husband was then an engineer drilling for oil on rigs in some god-forsaken places. So via them, he sent works of Rumi and Idries Shah and Al Ghazzali etc to me, for our long distance courtship. They called him their ‘wandering dervish’ friend, whom I later married and still living a wandering life with. It helps that their bookshop is also an online bookshop, so it worked for us perfectly fine considering the distance and the 7 seas that separated us each time he was on a drilling project.

I’m done blogging to distract myself from the fever and flu. So what now?


2 thoughts on “Meine Samstag

  1. i’ve read the curious incident…really liked the book and really gave an insight on how the autistic kids think. i would also like to read three cups of tea..and many other books. but got tis problem, beli buku takde masa nak baca..maybe if i peel myself away from the computer and lock myself in e room from my son..hehe

    hmm..must find time. must find time =)

    hope you are feeling better!

  2. Is,
    So far kan, from the snippets I read, A Spot of Bother macam takde kena mengena dgn The Curious Incident.

    Anyway, come visit me? We can go to The Bubba Gump cafe…
    Then I can shout Run Arshad Runnn!!! 😛

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