Tis’ a season to be

..ill. There are so many people I know who have been down and out for some illness or the other. Fever, flu and anything else.

A friend called yesterday. Her son’s birthday doa selamat event is today and she is unwell. So I offered to cook for the event. That was yesterday afternoon. I thought, my common flu will just go away with some rest. But it turned out that the flu turned to fever. But since I’ve promised, I dragged myself to the market this morning and through the fever managed to produce 4 dishes. Boleh lah tu. I know not how they taste like cause I was flat out right after that.

Actually I got up to drink some water and take some homeopathy pills to bring my temperature down. But I saw my notebook and was lured here instead.


4 thoughts on “Tis’ a season to be

  1. you must be an excellent cook :)) with fever and flu you still managed to prepare four dishes. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Ana,
    Thanks but I doubt so. I just persevered through it sebab dah janji… and I couldn’t bear to back out on her last minute so endure..endure.. 😛

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