Relenting, finally.

I finally relented to reading The Kite Runner. After watching the movie, I thought I could give it a pass, but as I said, I relented.

For two days I felt I was weighed down with Amir agha‘s ‘merengek’. Hmm, that was the word I was looking for. ‘Merengek‘. Maybe it’s just me. I have very little patience for long term whining, especially from a man.

The kittens are getting fatter. They look happy. There is no doubt now they have decided that we are their parents, following us everywhere when we are in the house.

I am procrastinating big time with my editing work which is bad. Getting a freelance project on ad-hoc basis like this is good, but because these days I seem to have lost my mojo by quite a bit hence neglecting on 2 important things; editing and studying for my German exams.

Of late I have had questions from family back home. Where next after his post-grad? It won’t be anytime soon, we said. Yes, but where next ?

I don’t know. We don’t know. 4 choices. 1) Stay put here 2) My kampung 3 ) His Kampung 4) A brand new neutral place.

He can’t stand my kampung. He finds it ‘merimaskan’ with too many people and too many tall buildings and he feels claustrophobic. I can’t stand his faraway kampung, although a university there has a faculty that fits exactly his area of studies. I don’t fancy their winter and the anal way of life there is a bit off for bohemian me. So, we are left with stay put here or a brand new place. Malaysia has been good to me. I enjoy it here, seriously especially our inbound travels and masuk kampung moments. That’s a lovely option. BUT, for both of us, on a personal level, there are things we need a break from in Malaysia. So that left us with the last alternative which is a brand new neutral place to both of us.

Where? Don’t know. We don’t plan that far ahead because we cannot even be sure that tomorrow will come for either or both of us.


One thought on “Relenting, finally.

  1. Hahah.. as much as I love the book, I actually agree with the ‘merengek’ part!

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