This morning over hot roti pisang drenched in Kari Ikan and Sambal at the mamak shop where we frequent, I read that Jamal Mirdad is entering politics.

Mirdad, left with his wife Lydia Kandou. Image taken from here.

I grew up with a very staple diet of Indonesian entertainment, from Hetty Koes Endang to Titiek Sandhora&Muchsin, Endang S. Taurina and yes, Jamal Mirdad and his famous ‘Jamila’ dangdut. This was long before this era of Peter Pan and Cokelat and what have you now. Mirdad’s wife, the actress Lydia Kandou, was, and still is amongst my favourite- along with Rano Karno and Meriam Bellina. I love the Rano + Meriam combination in films and personally, I feel they have much better chemistry than the present day IT couple of Ari Wibowo and Lulu Tobing of the DIA fame.

While I love them to bits doing what they do best i.e entertaining, the thought that Jamal Mirdad has dangdut-ed his way into politics in the already very ‘bobrok‘ Indonesian political landscape, made me ask myself, what does it take in this day and age to be a political/world leader, really? What is the core value we look for in a leader to lead our community/society/nation/country/world that politics has become such a circus around the world ?

I have other questions as well. When Francis Bacon said that Knowledge is Power, then I reckon that those chosen to be in power should, I presume, have to have the knowledge to lead things to betterment– ideally speaking. But do they really?

Ok I know. There is no utopia and there is no ideal world, BUT , if knowledge is power—technically speaking, with higher literacy and a supposedly more ( by media definitions, not mine ) ‘modern’, ‘progressive’, ‘intelligent’ world that we live in now, why is that as the days go by, our world is more in shambles, more ‘bobrok’ and more nonsensical with each passing day?

Is it because we have all been/is being led by.. errm… intellectual fools?

Anyway, enjoy his famous Jamilah. Before he starts giving political pidato.


2 thoughts on “Politikus

  1. From Jamal Mirdad to the more intellectually challenged like Syaiful Jamil, hehehe. Few have been a success though, Rano Karno and Dede Yusuf to name a few.

    I watched All The Kings Men (Sean Penn) the other day. Tragic. Politics is such a nasty subject …

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