Asam Garam

Milo did the wee-wee on my pile of clothes this morning. I spanked her and flicked her ears, scolded her and threw her out of the front door and locked it. Her brother looked pained as he watched his sister punished. He tried to get to her through the grills but he was scolded too. So he gave up and went to sleep.

In the evening I let her in and the siblings rejoiced over the white ping pong ball and several rounds of wrestling. Milo was aware that I was still mad at her so she ran each time she saw me. Only later when the husband came back that she started her ‘mengada-ngada’ purring, asking for cuddles and to be carried by him.

Last night we forgot to close our bedroom door and when we woke up this morning, we realised they both slept with us throughout the night. One snuggled under my armpit which I must have thought was the extra pillow, albeit a bit hairy but I was tired so I didn’t care. The other one parked himself in between me and the husband nicely snuggling in like some baby.


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