G-Strings pulling

On Sunday evenings I usually have to brave the crowd at the hypermarket for grocery supplies. And as usual, when I do that, the husband would be in some cafe somewhere writing his postgrad papers and/or reading for it. For the past few months his nose has been buried deep into one topic- Islamic culture and its relevance in globalisation.

At the hypermarket, I cannot help but notice that the prices of things have remarkably gone up. A bit here and there but across the board, things are getting very expensive. Bearing in mind that we are on the OK scale in financial matters, on the account that the husband is doing his postgrad full time–we have been quite careful with our expenditure, buying only necessities from the cheapest brands if we can help it and living as simply and carefully as we could. And yet, as OK as we are, we too feel the pinch of the price hikes as the months go by.

I told that to the husband the minute I got out of the hypermarket with my loot for the month, complaining how expensive things are now. Thinking out loud that if we find it a pinch, what about those from the low income group with 5/6/7 children and/or medical expenses to take note of etc etc. How do they survive? Our ‘simple’ lifestyle would be their dream survival package!

The husband then put his huge arm on my shoulder and simply said, ‘ That, my dear is the product of globalisation… ‘

I am too tired to try and understand. I think I will just read his paper when he is finally done with it.


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