Saved by Nigella

The only Nigella I know before this is of course the curvy-buxom-beautiful cook on Travel and Living, Nigella Lawson. But last night I was saved by Nigella Sativa, a bottle of it in fact.

I’ve always known the black seed, Nigella Sativa as Habbatul Saudah or the Black Seed. It is the seed, which according to the sayings ( hadith ) of the Prophet sahih Muslim and Bukhari, as the seed to cure all and any illnesses except death.

Yesterday I had a very, very bad allergy reaction. Over a period of 12 hours, my whole body was covered with fiery red blotches–rashes due to either something I ate or somewhere I sat where there were mites. I suspected the latter as I was watching a movie and my hyper sensitive skin got the rash the following morning which was yesterday. It was itchy and I was going crazy. The blotches were spreading fast and furious and I panicked and afraid it would go to my face. That is not as bad as the itch itself. It was killing me softly…

We rummaged through the house and only found a dried up bottle of calamine lotion. Rummaged through the forgotten pack of gifts someone who came back from performing last year’s hajj for something—or ANYTHING ! I was desperately itchy. I suddenly found 2 unopened bottles of Nigella Sativa/Habbatul Saudah/Black Seed oil in there. And there on the instruction pack, it says that the Prophet said this is a cure to any disease except for death. And since the itch was killing me, no harm trying, right? The instruction also said to rub the oil onto the affected areas if it is a skin problem. The husband helped with that as my hands were all over scratching. By then I looked like a really sore and bloated chicken. Raw from all my scratching.

I slept the whole night through bathed in Nigella Sativa oil. This morning when I woke up at 5 am, I was as good as new. As if the rashes never happened.

So, it is a cure to all diseases but death? I hear you, ya Maulana!!! Thank YOU !


8 thoughts on “Saved by Nigella

  1. poor you! nasib baik dah ok šŸ™‚

    i have sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reaction too. That’s why I always have anti-histamine pills ready.

    Probably I should check out Nigella too šŸ˜‰

  2. Zieha, yes, I was looking for anti histamines as well… in fact, I was looking for anything I could get the itch off heheh. HE works in strange and mysterious ways . šŸ˜›

    Diz, yeah now I keep those two precious bottles for any further itchy episode in the future šŸ™‚

  3. oh dear. allergic reactions r nasty! interesting that black seed oil. where can we get them?

  4. Is, as mentioned ours was a gift from someone balik haji. But I googled and apparently they sell it also in Toko Warisan in Geylang and online as well…

  5. How wonderful those rashes were completely gone. I’m going to get some of those.

  6. oh they have these in toko warisan? ah, then must try. u know our maks always ask us to use minyak gamat or bubut. they do work wonders too but no harm trying this black seed oil. any particular brand i should look out for?

  7. ana,
    yeah it’s wonderful to have those rashes gone. they were pretty nasty!

    i dunno about brands as ours were gifts so beggars can’t be choosy šŸ˜›

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