HOPE is a wonderful thing

According to Dr PC, my lappy can be saved, God willing. It’s in the icu unit now and Dr PC said if he can find a suitable replacement, it can be discharged tomorrow. I HOPE. Hope is a wonderful thing ain’t it? It gives one something to look forward to. And I also do hope I will shed some kilos soon. That screen cracked like that showed that I have undeniably grown bigger than what is (according to my BMI ) a suitable and healthy height-weight ratio.

We have named our critters. I wanted to name the elder sis Kakak. But the husband says it’s boring. So looking at her colour, she is whitish with brown chocolatey patches all over. So we decided on Milo. The adik, I wanted to name her Manja. But the husband wanted a German name for her. So he named her Seuss, after Dr Seuss… the children’s book author he is quite into right now. Dr Seuss is an American but the husband insisted that Seuss is a German name so that makes him a good writer. Huh? Whatever lah!

So Milo and Seuss they are. We are toilet training them so it is time to hope that this will work. They already did a wee wee on our sejadah just now.


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