Before saying goodbye

The final day in Miri, we did some nostalgic down the memory lane moment for the husband.

First we went to the Science and Petroleum Museum of Miri perched up on the Canadian Hill. Before this trip he kept telling me about THE OLD LADY. Anything that is of Miri, he would say, where ‘the old lady’ is. I thought he must have met some nenek kebayan there who charmed him of sorts. But of course, I was wrong. The Old Lady is an old oil well perched up the Canadian Hill where they later built the Petroleum Museum. For 62 years, that oil well gave oil to the world. That’s a mighty long time, mate!

The view from the Canadian Hill was nice. We could see the whole of Miri and the South China Sea. As the saying goes, saujana mata memandang. The museum is a really good museum which Petrosains in KLCC pales in comparison. It was there I understood what was the husband was dealing with when he was the engineer on the oil rig. Needless to say, it was a very nostalgic moment for him especially when he saw the drills, the ‘oh so familiar’ blue overalls, yellow boots and yellow safety hat.

Lunch was at Surabaya Restoran. Since he had his fix of halal German food the night before, I could do with some Javanese food, no? It’s in the heart of Miri City and it looks like any simple coffee shop. But it was full so I reckoned the food must be good. Good? That’s an understatement. There were Nasi Rawon, Pece Lele, Nasi Jenganan and the list goes on. The sambal belacan cili padi was hawwwt but addictive, served from the clay ‘melenyek’ plate. With hot steaming jasmine rice ( not the usual Sarawak ANDA rice which is sticky and I don’t fancy my rice soft and sticky ), tempe, sup tulang, vegetables and sapi salai in sambal tangsi, I was out of this world, momentarily. I could almost go Yeee haaa !:P

After that we decided to go to see Mr Bujang Senang. Him and his gang actually. But who is he?

Stay tuned!


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