April Highlights

Every April is important to me. I grow a year older, and so does my marriage.

Once upon a time, (a long time ago) I was adamant that I didn’t want to get married. I felt that I was doing fairly well on my own. I had dreams I wanted to pursue. Places I wanted to see. Things I wanted to do. Another strong contributing factor was simply that I was an educator. Some of my colleagues had their biological clock beating fast and furious because of being in the industry, but for me, somehow it was the reverse. I had more than 7 hours a day playing surrogate mother to other people’s children. The thought of marriage and having my own was a bit too far off. Needless to say, this mentality worried my mother to no ends.

But somehow….

I found my significant other. And realised that with him, I can do all that I wanted to do, explore where I want to explore. And the thought of having children with him tingles my insides in a warm fuzzy manner.

I happen to belong to the real world where nothing ends happily ever after. Marriage is a ‘school‘ that has taught me life’s greatest lesson. Those who know us personally and have been with us through it all have seen the trials and tribulations that have been thrown upon our way. But somehow, it has made us much stronger in bond than when we first had started out. Pengalaman yang mendewasakan.

Tomorrow, 9 April I will be a year older and so will my marriage. I was a birthday bride once and I think his presence in my life is HIS birthday present to me. Thank YOU !


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