Travelling Tips

In class this morning, Dr K mentioned this point which from today, I shall try my best to keep in mind. It’s about travelling. He said that when we travel, we usually pack what is useful and necessary. And he added that since we are all travelling in this world to eventually meet HIM, why do we want to be carrying with us so many excess baggages that are redundant and not even useful in the first place?

Somehow, today Dr K reinforced into me, the importance of focusing on what I have to do and simply turn a deaf ear to anything that is distracting. And to forgive and move on. I know we can’t forget things so easily. We are just humans. So must learn to forgive and move on to focus on the betterment of ourselves. Because when we meet HIm later, all these nonsense that people throw to us in this world, is all but rubbish we can afford to discard.

If only it is that simple…

Anyway. Isn’t it enough already about the Math prodigy turned hooker? Has thirst for hot and spicy headlines clouded us from the compassion on how her mother and siblings and other relations must be feeling right now ? What if she had been your child ? Would you still see this as spicy news?


2 thoughts on “Travelling Tips

  1. YES! That is one thing he mentioned that struck a chord in myself too. (esp. with the things I told you..remember 😉 )

    I am happy though that immediately after that, I took one step of progress.

    Well..long way to go, but I’ll do it one step at a time.

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