Sunan Gunung Jati

If my paternal grandfather is still alive today, I probably have a lot of questions to ask him. Probably ask him to teach me more Javanese other than those words of scoldings ( pecicilan/kemproh/beler/goblok ).

I would like to know more about Wali Songo, the 9 saints of Java who were not only masters of Tassawuf/Sufism, but who were intellectuals who changed the political, social and cultural landscape of Java in different times.

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Our tickets are booked. On the pretext of attending a wedding in Jakarta in June, we have decided to extend it to be a backpacking trip to some parts of Java as well, for a Wali Songo trail. The husband needs to do his research too, so we thought, might as well…not to mention for book geeks like both of us, we were told that traditional books are aplenty there and cheap too!

So come June/July we hope to get first hand taste of what is actually my culture and heritage. And walk through the land of the Wali Songo. Iyok, thanks for the invitation to the wedding 🙂 Insya Allah we’ll be there!


8 thoughts on “Sunan Gunung Jati

  1. heyyyyyyyy..i attended a wedding at yogja last dec..and they said..rahayu is a javanese word!!!

    so now..another word to add to ur dictionary! hehehe

  2. zieha,
    yes will do 🙂

    wah this is good. the comment function is finally working hahaah
    ok one more word in my dictionary. but ah, ayuuu is always that girl in bujang lapok ‘ayuuuuuuu go to sleep!!!’

  3. alaaa ..thats too classic..

    but im talking abt all glam.. its rahayu ok…check out the meaning in javanese..


    *flutters eyes*

  4. Backpack? then what about all those books you plan on buying? Pack on your back is it?

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