‘ I gotta rid myself of all these flabs!’ I whined to the husband.

‘Exercise then… follow me go cycling, ..jog ?’ the-always-with-the-solution husband replied.

Cycling’s not too bad but I am afraid of the traffic. I do have a yellow bike on which I cycle around the houses in our area. First time I did it, I fell down like rotten jackfruit ( nangka busuk ) in front of the children near the playground. That was my first time cycling after a hiatus of two years. And no jogging. I hate jogging. I don’t have the stamina for it. I love walking and been walking all around where possible. But as we all know it, the roads here are not exactly pedestrian friendly.

One day the husband came back from some conference at the university bringing loads of free magazines. Mostly women magazine. We chucked them all into the corner meant for the karang-guni man ( btw, I love it here that we can get quite a bit selling stuffs to the karang-guni man. Back in my hometown, I once sole a 7 kg stack of old newspapers and I only got 20 cents. Here, I got around Rm 6 !) . Anyway, while cleaning the house I thought that it would do justice to the magazines if I glance through them at least once. And that was when I read about this.

So I searched online for her classes, got acquainted to her blog and managed to email her. Turned out we have quite a bit of common friends. After all, I came from a very small island where everyone knows everyone else. She happens to have quite a number of friends from my hometown as well and things just blossomed from there upon. In short, I signed up for her belly-dancing class to .. ehem… trim the ‘unwanted baggages’ .

Picture taken from here.

It’s far from the sleazy image that the dance has always been associated with. In my first private lesson today I found it to be rather technical and I am still as stiff as a pole. But enjoyed it I did. And I shall look forward to my next lesson. Right cikgu?


2 thoughts on “Technicalities

  1. Righto!

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves. Yes, I am most always described as ‘pretty technical’.

    I guess it comes from doing accounting and finance for a degree! 😉

    But the technical part will becomes second nature in no time..and the ‘crazy art talk’ will begin..bersedialah!

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