The story of a kera

The term to use is vomit blood. Really.

Teaching BM tuition has tested my patience far worse than trying to anyam ketupat which I am undeniably hopeless in. After this, I thought things would improve. But, I was wrong.

For Karangan, my two Primary 4 tuition students had to write a story based on the title Seekor Kera Di Dalam Hutan. A creative writing piece. The only problem is,  that they don’t even know what a kera is. Yeap…KLite kids, English speaking homes. Malays. Don’t know a kera from an orang utan. Everything is monyet to them.

They asked, ‘ Cikgu.. Monkey kan Monyet. Kenapa panggil Kera??’. So there I was trying to explain that kera is a species of a monyet. A type of monyet I told them. They looked like they got it. And so I thought. Then earnestly, one of them, as if trying to display his understanding, said the darnest thing that made me exhale deeply, really. He said,

” Oh.. I know I know.. so you mean it’s like Kera bin Monyet lah is it? ”

God, please help me.


4 thoughts on “The story of a kera

  1. They are curious and have a creative mind, aren’t they? You won’t get bored educating them.

  2. funny!

    but, to tell you the truth – me too, don’t know the difference between monyet ka..kera ka..siamang ka ( eh ni species monyet juga ka?)


    at least I know orang utan..*smug face*

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