Jangan Bedek

Where I come from, the term ‘jangan bedek‘ is literally translated to ‘don’t bull‘. When you tell someone ‘jangan bedek‘, it roughly means ‘don’t bulls**t’. It’s very different from the word bodek‘. Here in Malaysia the word bodek refers to the action of ‘curry favour’- the action of gaining favour by fawning or flattery. Bodek, in my hometown is a very very crude word referring to a certain part of the reproductive anatomy. In fact, I get goosebumps writing this word down here as I won’t even say it out in normal circumstances. It’s too crude. So imagine how startled I was when I heard the word bodek used on national tv here? But since I am writing from the land where the word bodek means a different thing, I seek pardon from anyone reading this from my hometown. 😛

But it is not bedek or bodek I want to write about here. It’s ‘jangan bedek‘.

I have been following the news of a certain limping prisoner, who managed to escape the detention centre during his toilet break. This happened on a sunny island set in the sea. Where the people are shown to be super efficient, where the government is shown to be squeaky clean, where the crime rate is amongst the lowest in the world and the oh so tight security where everywhere is bugged. And is it not the place where they have direct connections with the Big Brother of the land of Cola Cola Imperialism and their sophisticated intelligence network?

The sunny island set in the sea is all but 647 km2 big. The national service men and all of their defence units have been deployed to search every inch of the island. After reading anything and everything I can get online pertaining to this issue, be it from the island itself or overseas online newspaper, I somehow find the whole issue very dodgy, to say the least.
Questions that played in my mind:

  1. How can one limping man escape the thorough combing of the whole island by the ever vigilant Police Force, NS Army, the Civil Defence unit, the coast guards, all on a 647 km2 island?
  2. If indeed he is not caught, how can he survive hidden? The island has no cave not unknown by the authorities. The island has no mountains but err.. a hill for joggers, amateur trekkers and picnic-goers?
  3. The search for him started immediately when he was discovered missing, so could he limp his way to the nearest beach, unnoticed by anyone, any coast guards who have been alerted minutes after the discovery that he was missing and swam away?
  4. If this is the ‘garmen’ idea of a joke, which they hardly do to begin with, is it worth it the massive jams at the checkpoints holding up traffic for hours?

Some years back I watched Farenheit 911 and Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore. So is my skepticism unfounded? The fact that a mentor minister came out and gave a statement about it being a complacency on the defence part on its own very dodgy. Ya right. I mean, you have a quite a good education system and you expect the product of that not to think?

Jangan bedek lahhhh.

I have been tickled by so many theories that came out of it, and also the parody Toilet Break by fellow netizens. The other day, I saw the husband reading H.G Well‘s Invisible Man, and I told him, maybe this toilet break fugitive is invisible, no? But my husband being him came up with counter theory. The fugitive being a Javanese probably used ‘Rukya‘ to travel across lands ala Wali Songo. Ahaks… that’s funny. 😛

The Toilet Break Fugitive

Hai Mas…mas… Selamat lah kau!


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