Quick ! Call Dato Lat !

Taken from The Star online:

…..But the drama was far from over.

A late announcement from Putrajaya that Shahrizat, who lost her Lembah Pantai seat in the polls, had been appointed special adviser with ministerial status on women’s affairs did little to improve the situation. Instead, it only made Rafidah more furious resulting in a heated exchange of words over the telephone that may have damaged relations between the two women for some time to come. Rafidah apparently accused Shahrizat of stabbing her in the back.

Rafidah’s reaction to the sudden end of her long political career had been stunning to say the least.

“She was like a wounded tigress,” said a senior Wanita Umno politician.

She was livid, fierce and wrathful, lashing out at people around her, including Shahrizat who has been an uncommonly loyal deputy.

… once a friend told me that women are cats reincarnated. 😛 She’s got a point there. If only I can draw cartoons. If ONLY… Now where is Dato Lat ??? We’ve got scoop for him, you think?


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