I have had quite a number of requests to allow readers to this blog to leave their comments. I have obliged and have enabled the comments function for all the entries.


frau percicilan


2 thoughts on “achtung

  1. Hi,
    I love your Indonesia travelling series, esp the Jawa Timur ones.. made me want to visit Surabaya again..
    I just read your blog, and I’m curious why ‘percicilan’ :)… I understand you are of Javeneese origin.. Actually, I think, we spell it pecicilan here, without ‘r’.. (it doesn’t matter).. Does it maybe come from the words your grandfather used to call you.. because you were so lively and like to run around all the time as a kid…
    Anyway, I have a really nice reading today because of the blog…

  2. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for pointing it out.
    Yes, it is also spelt pecicilan without the ‘R’
    but when I was signing for this account I accidently type it with an R.
    And yes hehehe you guessed it right, it was something my grandfather used to call me because I was hyperactive. And yes I am of Javanese descent but I have never lived in Java before.

    And salam to you too ! 🙂

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