Cadbury Picnic chocolate bar..

…. has everything in it, all ingredients nicely consolidated into a rich and yummy energy fix. A bar of it always satiate my appetite for chocolate as it is, to put it simply– just nice.

That was how I felt just now after watching Dr Seuss’ HORTON HEARS A WHO.

I did Dr Seuss for my final year paper yonks ago on Children’s Literature and for that paper alone I remember buying many of Dr Seuss’ books because 1) of research purposes for term paper 2) I was attracted to the illustrations 3) I love reading them to my lower primary students back then 4) after researching so much on the author, I would, naturally want to have his works for keepsake, no? ( ironically I gave them away prior to migration.. bummer! )

The script for the movie is simply brilliant lah ok.. I like !

The husband and I were laughing so loudly that kids sitting below us turned.

It was witty, heavily metaphoric and the political satires just cracked us up. And oh.. pardon me but I do see secularism/ Baconian/Galileonian principles being questioned in here as well? Not forgetting the theme of sufism was present and some hilarious connotations that have uncanny resemblance to the world view of the land I hailed from ” if you believe it, believe it but don’t go around telling others about it because it is dangerous’… and of course, some situations quite match the current comical political situation here. The cgi is awesome as well… ๐Ÿ˜›

On another note, today is the birthday of a really awesome man 1400 years ago. Should he still be alive today, I’m sure he would be so saddened by the general state of his followers now– worldwide. Divided, engulfed with problems, weak, lost.. and the list goes on. But he was a great man. A really awesome person which millions still pay tribute each time they mention his name, praying for him to be blessed by HIM. It even comes in the form of a rap… and that’s awesome too !

And a public holiday to commemorate his birth is nonetheless awesome as well. It’s been an awesome day. Can’t you tell already ๐Ÿ˜›


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