One day over dinner last year, someone made a strong statement addressing the table of four. With yours truly sitting quietly, listening to the whole dinner table talk.

All the others were trying to prove their points one way or another, sometimes getting heated up when their opinions were not accepted, worse still, contested. Usually in this kind of scenario, I prefer not to talk much. Let alone offer what I think. I love food too much to sacrifice it arguing for some concept/believes/opinion/value system yada yada yada. I’d go to an academic conference if I had wanted that. And also, it’s really fun watching and listening to people. And trying to make sense of things they say. And making a mental cartoon out of them when they say something out of the world just to prove their points.

Enough of digression. Anyway, the said person is an expat from a European country. A professional researcher in the field of Science. Very adamant about people accepting her views that she sometimes literally pushes them down one’s throat. Very vehement in defending her statements too.

She said, ‘Opinion is truth !!!‘– basically trying to support her claims on her thinking that a certain race here is crap– in all of its (un) glorious connotations. She said she has seen enough to support her claims, and that gives her the right to generalise the whole race and make this statement ; which of course, she expected us to agree to.

For once, I broke my silence.

Me : No. I don’t agree. Opinion is opinion. It’s just a perspective. Truth is truth. It’s different from opinions. Opinion is Relative. Truth is Absolute. So how can opinion be truth lah ??? If that’s the case, there will be billions of ‘truths’ in this world because each person has a different opinion. It will be anarchy then as even the criminals can say crime is the truth of life, and we can’t fault that if opinion is truth !!! ‘

I was on adrenalin rush, finding it quite ridiculous someone of her background could make such a statement. Never mind that the food was good !

Oh.. she went on verbal diarrhoea for the next 15 minutes causing the dinner to a standstill, defending her claim against mine of course. She quoted, she argued, she explained, she cajoled the others into being on her side and she defended her stand ala Karpal Singh. heh 😛

Once she was done, the whole table looked at me on how I would respond. In between mouthfuls of chicken, I simply said,

‘ Oklah. You are right. Opinion IS truth in this case. So here is my take. I am of the opinion that you are wrong. And by whatever you said just now, you have to accept that as a truth! ‘

Dinner resumed. She kept silent after that. And the chicken tasted so much better while my eyes twinkled to the end. 🙂


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