Goodbye Gimok

She was born in our room. Her mother, a lost child herself, was picked up by us after a late night movie. Lost, tiny and terrified, her mother must have wandered away from the rest of her family members and ended up by the roadside. We brought her mother back in hubby’s pocket and she later became a part of the family. Literally.

Then one day, her mother knew that she was going to be in labour. She called out to us, insisting that we follow her back to our room. And once she saw that we were safely guarding our wardrobe – her chosen labour ward, she gave birth right before our eyes. It was so surreal. Like a scene from National Geographic. That was how binding our relationship with her mother had been. She wanted us to witness her childbirth. And we did, where I remembered crying and laughing so hard at the same time, thanking God for this opportunity.

There were four of them. And they grew up beautifully.

She is 2nd from right

Then we had to move house. In between the whole process, we had to leave 3 siblings to be temporarily taken care by the Pak Guard at hubby’s campus. The youngest brother was left with their mum at my mother-in-law’s.

Oh how the campus community adore them, some people donating food to the Pak Guard to feed them. I still remember the day we brought the 3 of them there. They ran after us with pleading mews, literally begging us to take them home. They didn’t want to stay with the Pak Guard. They wanted to go home, with us.

Later 2 sisters were adopted by people who couldn’t resist having them. Only she was left.

Each of the siblings has a personality of their own and she, I must add had to be my favourite. She was so blase just about everything. She taught me a thing or two about life, for indeed didnt the French Historian Hippolyte Taine himself said,

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.”

— Hippolyte Taine, French Historian

And by God’s grace, we saw her becoming a mother herself !

I could have a terrible day or feel so upset at just about anything but one hug or one purr from her could make me feel on top of the world again. Man’s relationship with their pets is indeed a strange phenomena. Otherwise, a dog would not be linguistically casted as a man’s best friend and the tales of John andGarfield would not have survived the decades, right? She was a dear friend. She listened. She comforted. She soothed. She entertained.

And yesterday, she could do all that no more. A car knocked her down and she left us, without a proper goodbye. Hubby buried her and said his final farewell. I didn’t know the lost would be so devastating.

Goodbye Gimok. You are sorely missed.