I’m Thinking Out Loud

Actually, when I think about it, here is where I experienced true democracy. And where multi-culturism or ‘muhibbah‘ as what they call here is not just another articfically flavoured government propaganda.

Where ‘muhibbah‘ is as ‘muhibbah‘ it can be and as I have experienced, and I can safely say I have been to most nooks and corners of every state on the Semenanjung. Yeah, I have walked upon the soil of every state on the Semenanjung of this Tanah Melayu.

Where the people voted the non-pribumis into the parliament and even made them head of states if they are deem suitable.

Funny I didn’t experience this back home. And they cry themselves hoarse out loud on democracy and multiculturalism.

Funny I didn’t see this happening in The Land of The Free. If so, why is the potentially first black president is getting so much flak from the media ?

In my own lingo, I would say… ‘ Very plastic sey…’

Anyway. Today is the first day I am staying in an opposition state. Time to claim their promises 🙂

One of the moments captured by the hubby during our photography trip to Terengganu a few months back.