No Keris, No Pak Samad, No F.N

There were two things that we planned this weekend that didn’t happen.

1) To attend a session by Farish Noor at Central Market yesterday. The discussion session he was presenting was Revisiting the Keris.

Ok shoot me but going to see Farish Noor was the perk- while I have to admit finding out more about the Keris and its role would be enriching. But hey, I had ( notice the past-tense ) had a crush on him back in 2002. That was when I first saw him giving an interview post 911 on RTM. 🙂 Ahh those years of absolute silliness.

It didn’t happen though. We went home, listened to Bossanova Jawa, read and watched Alvin the Chipmunk dvd. So much with wanting to know about the role of Keris in the Malay Heritage, but really, we were late and traffic was bad and it rained. So no articulate-Malaysian-political-analyst-whom-I-had-a-crush-on-and-whose-blog-i-read session.

Emma Roberts playing Nancy Drew was not bad lah.. and they styled her well too. But it stops there.

2) To attend a reading gig at the No Black Tie. Featuring A. Samad Said, Farish Noor ( yet another try ha ha ), Peter Hasan Brown etc. This one I really was looking forward to because of Pak Samad ( Farish Noor can move aside now ). I have almost all of Pak Samad‘s books up in our library. We did him for our A Levels Sastera and I went to Salina and Lantai T. Pinkie performances twice for each performance- Both in Singapore and in Malaysia. The last time was at Istana Budaya two years ago after watching Nasha Aziz played T. Pinkie and Pak Samad signed our books. But alas, it didn’t happen too as hubby was too tired after our book meeting.

And what did we do? Bought more books at the book sale, bought Nancy Drew The Movie dvd and since it rained hard, just stayed indoors and see what Warner Bros had done to my childhood super sleuth hero.

Growing up in the 80s watching Alvin the Chipmunk cartoon and having spent the best years of my upper pri school life reading every single book of Nancy Drew that Carolyn Keene could probably have written, the two movies proved to be a feeble attempt by Hollywood. It was just so-so, ok to the borderline. I just prefer the real thing. I’m a traditionalist like that.

It was not such a bad weekend after all. We could do with the rain. And the reminder that we can plan, but HE decides.


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