Bossanova Jawa

Saturdays are my rest days and since it rained the whole of today, we didn’t do our usual thing after my class at Goethe i.e gallivant at KLCC for good books, good music, followed by good dinner and usually seal the day with a good play or a good film or a good movie. Saturday is a good day for us where we do good wholesome husband and wife dating. Good ah ? πŸ™‚

But it rained the whole of today and we didn’t want to be engulfed by ‘orang-o-phobia‘ by the throngs of human traffic at KLCC, as today is the last day of the job fair at the KLCC convention centre. So we went home and we could do with some good reading and really good music.

Online search for the good music got me hooked on a new music genre, the Bossanova Jawa. Actually I read about them sometime last week but was too busy to look them up online. So the ever obliging husband did the work for me and now as I am typing this, I am enjoying, for the first time in my life, jazzy Javanese songs!

What is Bossanova actually? When I saw the word Bossanova, the first thing that came to my mind was the song zaman P. Ramlee and Saloma which goes like

“Hai cik abang, menari bossanova,
Awas lenggang, berbeda dari samba,
Wahai sayang, marilah ikut serta,
Tari riang, bossanova….”


So a little research in where else but the wiki, led me to the information that Bossanova is a style of Brazillian music which evolved from Samba. There are so many bossanova songs out there, mostly in Latin American languages and English but lo and behold, now they have Bossanova music in Javanese!

There on my identity card states my race as Javanese. Other than some words here and there I pick up from my paternal grandparents ( pecicilan is one of them, meaning hyperactive) I know nothing more than face value of what the Javanese culture is all about, other than they have kuda kepang, the ladies wear wiron and they give fantastic massages and spas. Oh.. I had a Javanese themed wedding though, with gamelan and all the shebangs. And I did wear a wiron for my wedding. But beyond that? I would need the book Javanese for Dummies, if it even exist.

So the afternoon had been an enriching one, really, listening to Bossanova music in Javanese. Racial relations aside, I like it indeed ! One of my favourites is the song Pupus Tresno. I know Tresno means love in Javanese. So I guess, the song means kehilangan ( pupus ) cinta ( tresno ) , no ?

I think it’s time to get that Javanese-English Dictionary down from our library upstairs… πŸ˜›


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