Awang Goneng and the Irish setting

March will be a month of romancing for me. The first would be with Awang Goneng, who romanced with his past growing up in Terengganu. What started out as a blog ,led to a book that many are talking about, and still talking about.

I love Terengganu. I could never get enough of it. The sea, the long beautiful beaches, the songket, the beautiful kampung houses, the satar, the cottages with artist drawing on batiks, the ikan celup and fresh young coconut juice. I can go on and on and each trip to Terengganu would always be different, as we explored the nooks and corners, the different kampungs– away from the hustle and bustle of the area where we are staying. Where Rm 2 still gets you a full meal in the kampung for really delicious Nasi Kerabu. Where the seafood is eaten fresh on the long sandy beach and songket can be made to order and where we can buy freshly made batik from the artist’s cottage. Where we watched children fly wau in the evening.

So when Awang Goneng wrote Growing Up In Terengganu , I knew I have to read it. I missed several of the book launches he had when he was here but reading GuiT is something I know I wouldn’t want to miss. Not especially when Mrs Awang Goneng, the very adorable Kak Teh— kept on reminding us that she sprinkled love dust on each of our shoulders when she sat in between us at that fateful dinner function where hubby and I met, in Singapore. That was back in 2002.

Now, her hubby – Mr Awang Goneng is going around sprinkling the Terengganu love dust all over via GuiT. After just reading the intro, I am love-struck. Hence it will definitely make it to my March‘s reading list.

From Terengganu to Ireland, the current bestselling book P.S I love you has been intently recommended to me. About a married couple where the husband died due to brain tumour and how he helped his wife to move along with life with the letters he had prepared for her. The letters are sent to her through different sources and each one ending with P.S I Love YOU. Known to be a tear jerker, I shall read it near my pms time, to feed the melancholic mood even more.

And on that note, I find Harry Potter 5 which I started reading last month is very draggy. I am contemplating whether to just hop on to March’s reading or persevere and bewitched by this bespectacled prepubescent wizard. Or finish all 3 this month.. ?


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