I have always been very proud of where I come from and the identity associated with that nation. I beam whenever I have to make an introduction about my country, its positive qualities and what it has achieved to be proud of.

But of late, I become more and more terribly annoyed, embarrassed even, of my own countrymen’s behaviour when they come here as tourists. Very ‘meluat’. Grossly translated from Malay it generally means the nauseated feeling at the way they criticise just about everything, compare everything to ‘back home’, walk with a nose high up in the air I swear it could have poked the ass of an unsuspecting flying crow, complain about everything—- and yet still want to come here.

Maybe I have just been ‘un-gahmenised‘.

In any case, looking at ‘home’ from the outside for 2 full years already, I feel less in touch with my pride in associating myself with the pride (and arrogance) of their ( notice I use ‘their’ now instead of ‘our’ ) achievements.