Tiny Red Dot

I reconnected with a secondary school friend whom I sat next to when I was a hormonal 13 year old clad in green uniform. Where else if not for FACEBOOK. Seems the whole world is in there right now.

Anyway, through FACEBOOK we could see the location of the rest of our classmates. Almost half the class are out of our ‘clean and green’ ‘fine city’ island by now, either through marriage like myself or because of work. Which prompted her to say, ‘ Waahh jealous ah… everyone seems to be away and all over the world when I’m still stuck in this tiny red dot.’

Somehow, I felt offended.


As offended as I was when my husband’s late grandfather from Germany expected a yellow-skinned and slit eyes granddaughter-in-law when I was first introduced to that side of the family after hubby told them where I come from.

As offended as I was on the morning of Chinese New Year two weeks ago. I got a CNY sms greeting all the way from my ex-uni mate in Toowoomba, and when I explained to her I don’t celebrate CNY cause I am not Chinese, her incredulous reply of, ‘You mean you are not Chinese??? But you are from…..’

I read that a very long time ago, the late President Sukarno had this vision of unifying the whole of Nusantara again, not unlike the olden times Majapahit empire. Perhaps, his vision was quite alike what European Union is now. Probably, if he had been successful in that vision back then, would things on that ‘tiny red dot‘ be seen through slit eyes as it is now ?

I wonder. :s

Now where is the red dot again ?