Desperate Housewife ?

Sometimes I do get some pop in emails from friends back in my home town asking me how am I and what am I up to these days. When they found out that I am a stay at home wife, the standard response I would normally get would be, ‘ Waaah best nyer ! Jadi tai-tai !!!’

It’s either they watch too much Desperate Housewives serials and/or they watch too much Drama Melayu on RTM where all the housewives living in the suburbia spend most of their time ( and their husband’s money ! ) shopping at high-end shopping centres, visit one another for afternoon teas and have maids to wait on them head to toe.

Now, Reaallllly ?

Let’s see my daily schedule.

My day begins as early as 7 am. Make that right after subuh prayers. The husband leaves the house at 8 am every morning except on Thursdays so from 7 am to 8 am, I would be busy preparing breakfast and his packed lunch. From 8.30 am to 11 am, I would be all over with the errands, spreading the following with a daily timetable– laundry/ironing/washing toilet ( 3 toilets !!! ), vacuuming, mopping, marketing and finally cooking. I have to finish cooking by 11 as by 11.15, my first student would have arrived. From 11.30 to 3.30, my time is basically for him. As he is a unique case, I cannot leave him to do work on his own so basically from 11.3o to 3.30, I am basically immobile to do anything else but teach.

I have a short break from 3.30 to 4 pm where I usually pray and then clear up the area for the next batch of students to come. They would start to stream in at around 4.15 and would only leave our place at 6.30pm. After which the frenzy in preparing dinner and clearing up the house before the husband comes home would start again. Dinner would be over by 8pm and after spending time with the husband for a while, he would go off to do his homework while I do my own homework from my German class or prepare for the next day homeschooling lesson, or catch up on my reading or just flat out. Usually I don’t go to sleep until midnight, when I am sure that everything is in order so it would not be a mad rush the next day.

I have a total of 7 kids coming to our place to study. 7 different types of nonsense they can come up with. But I am not complaining. For one, the money is good. I can safely say now that I earn more than a Petronas officer working their butts out in the twin tower. Alhamdulillah. Moolahs aside, I enjoy their company. They make the otherwise quiet house lively and cheerful and they keep my hands full.

My weekdays are so jam packed, that the idea that my well-meaning friends back home of me living a life as lady of leisure is a hilarious myth.

Weekends are not that lull either. Saturdays are spent at Goethe Institute struggling with German grammar and vocabulary and putting up a plastic straight face in front of all my teachers there, all of whom are friends of my mother-in-law. Das ist nicht gut ja ! Schlect ! Whatever…

Sundays we go for Aqidah class. Which is from morning till lunch time and after which, I would spend the evening grocery shopping or ironing for the coming week or juice blending. Yeah, juice blending. We buy plastic bags of fruits at one go on Sundays and I would juice all of them according to the various recipes, bottle them up according to which day to drink what. And before I knew it, Sunday would be over at the stroke of midnight and the week will begin again.

So, tai-tai lifestyle? I’m afraid NOT !


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